Viesa Holiday to 12 volt evaporator cooler for motorhome - 239871 - Eurotete
Viesa Holiday to 12 volt evaporator cooler for motorhome - 239871 - Eurotete Viesa Holiday to 12 volt evaporator cooler for motorhome - 239871 - Eurotete Enfriador ecológico Viesa Holiday III S Evaporativo (MONTAJE INCLUIDO )

Viesa Holiday to 12 volt evaporator cooler

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The BEST cooler for these summer 2024 vacations with the motorhome is the Viesa Holiday III's at 12 volts since it uses the natural technology of evaporative cooling, which allows the temperature to be reduced and guarantees cooling inside the motorhome and well-being for sleeping and eating. .

Viesa Holiday IIIs with opening kit 400 x 400 mm

We have the BEST PRICE in the market.

Ecological appliance cooler + installation included. is an OFFICIAL INSTALLER of Viesa.

Leader to cool your motorhome because it is low power, runs at 12 volts and takes energy directly from the BATTERY service and through the SOLAR PLATE ....

We recommend that you place the VIESA in the center of the motorhome (kitchen area for a better result).

Viesa Holiday IIIS can be used while driving (traveling).


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It has been designed to cool a setting of 8 metres and a maximum of 4 people on board. The team is placed instead of the 40 x 40 cm or 50 x 70 cm hatch. It connects directly to the vehicle's water system. It has an elegant external frame where four built-in lights (optional) can be used. Technical improvements incorporated, are the best argument to offer the end user a the warranty extension of up to 3 years. Technical data: power consumption (12 V): minimum - 1.3 Ah - 15.6 Watts / hour maximum - 5.8 Ah - 69.6 Watts / hour water consumption: 0.5 to 1.5 litres / h weight: 19 Kg size: height: 21 cm. length: 83 cm. width: 75 cm. air flow: 19 cubic meters per minute

Does it cause condensation inside the caravan?
No, because its exclusive system of evaporation carries moisture to low density. It would suffice to think that a fog drop size is 1-40 Micron, while the drop created by VIESA is 0.002 micron (known as aeriforme).

Do I have to keep the skylights, doors and windows closed to keep the fresh? No, instead, it is mandatory to open 2 cm one from windows or skylights to create a correct air circulation and humidity control.

It can be adapted to all types of people? It is particularly recommended for people with asthma problems, allergies, seniors, adults and children, not to mention pets.
The beneficial effects on health are multiple because avoid sudden changes in temperature and keeps moisture at its fair level (neither dry nor too wet).

How many models and powers are there? For units there is only a model (Holiday III) which covers up to a maximum of 8 linear meters and a maximum of 4 adults, because the human body generates heat and humidity skewing the work done by VIESA and we cannot guarantee the same efficiency.

Do you need an additional electrical generator? Given the low consumption there is no need, because the energy required is taken directly of the battery of the unit, which it is advisable to recharge via a 220v transformer, or through solar panels, etc.

How adapts a VIESA spbre ceiling? Applies instead of the transom (37 X 37 cm up to 50 X 70 cm). The case that does not have skylight will perform an opening of 40 X 40 cm).

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