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Winterhoff WS 3000 ball safety kit

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WS 3000


Coupling indicator to check that the vehicle ball is correctly seated in the WS 3000 after coupling, more accurate wear indicator to check the condition of the friction elements and the vehicle ball, reinforced grip for the best possible stability during the coupling performance, optimal Adjustment of the Maxi-Soft-Buffer via the fixing points above and below the WS 3000 housing.

It was the only one in the test that reached the critical speed of 130 km / h in France without the trailer rolling, it had the best damping and the highest damping torque for roll and pitch movements on the test bench.
Single lever system for all functions:
- coupling - decoupling
- stabilization - destabilization
- belaying - unlocking
Large clearance at the rear of the vehicle for smooth coupling, even for vehicles with a rear spare wheel and a small clearance between the bumper and the ball.
Maxi-Soft-Buffer protects legs and bumpers
increased clearance between handle and drawbar
all friction linings can be easily changed thanks to the clip system
Extremely slim design allows for unrestricted ball neck clearance
Easy to read wear indicator
reduced dead weight with 3 ton trailer load
Load support up to 150 kg
Drawbar ø 35, 40, 45, 46, 50 mm
CE approval No. 00-0065 e1
No entry required!
Can be retrofitted for all trailers with a ø 35 - 50 mm drawbar connection, cross or parallel screw connection


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Includes the batteries inside the flashlight. You must remove a small protective role which is located in the area of the batteries that currently is not spent and not ignite in the packaging.
It has a small tab that allows you to hang rn somewhere for a better order.
Recommended hanging near the door of the output of your motorhome or caravan if if a noteche has a meregencia and have to use it.
Handle antileslizante.
Rubber coated switch.
Luminous flux approximately 120 lm
20,000 hour the ledes.
The LEDs are not replaceable.

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