Soporte television Vesa de 3 articulaciones para autocaravana camper 1
Soporte television Vesa de 3 articulaciones para autocaravana camper 1 Soporte television Vesa de 3 articulaciones para autocaravana camper 3 Soporte television Vesa de 3 articulaciones para autocaravana camper 2

Support TV Vesa 3 joints

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Support with 3 joints for flat television adaptable to all LCD screens. Built-in bubble level. Mounting plate for easy installation. Horizontal and vertical tilt adjustments. 180º opening. Holes in the plate to hold 75 mm and 100 mm. Maximum television of 11 kilos. Ideal for motorhomes and caravans.


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The installation of the brackets is simple but should take some precautions. The support is screwed and because the way to construct the caravans and motor homes often is not easy to find a wall that has sufficient strength. Here we offer you some advice, if this is your case.
If you have the possibility of placing screws which we can access to the other side of the wall, sites like the wardrobe, a garage, a loft etc installation will be very easy and safe. Drill through the Cabinet, position the bracket and screws and the interior to give greater strength to the whole and that the screws are not booting can be placed either washers "wide-brimmed" or a wood or veneer on the inside which take 4 screws at the same time, in this way the whole will have much greater rigidity.
If the wall to which must go placed is weak and not is you can put screws interns as occurs when goes fixed to the side of the vehicle, to the wall of the bath etc, a solution is it of paste and screw a wood to the wall and on this the support. Cut a piece of wood slightly larger than the stand of T.V. and one thick enough, e.g. Board of 22 mm. Attach it with glue and allow to dry. Once glued you can place several screws, 6 or 9, taking special care to the extent that they not cross to the other side. Once already set may place support.
Trip stands should not be deployed in a pothole or sudden movement it is very possible that support slip out of the place of fixation.

That support choose?
When you have chosen the site, you should consider how many positions need your support. The positions that need will be depending on the length of the support and of them sites where want to see the television. For example it is very common that site where television is placed is oriented to the living room and we want to also see it from the bed. For this we will need a stand that comes out of his hole and then turn.
Keep in mind that the longer the support stronger will exert on the wall to which it is attached.

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