Kit doble cámara visión trasera INOVTECH
Kit doble cámara visión trasera INOVTECH

Rear camera Kit Inovtech double motorhome

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Double optics night vision rear view camera.
Vision of ideal security for your caravan. Screen + dual camera optics + display stand + cable connection and remote control. Tecnologia Wireless and without intermediate connection switchboard, which facilitates a lot your installation. Camera 17.5 inches in diagonal and high-resolution colour. Equipped with Leds.


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Packs consist of the following elements:

Mark INOVTECH one of the cameras we enfocaríamos it just to see the back of our AC 150 degrees angle and the other would focus to see what there is behind our (as a rear-view mirror) 120 °.
7 "monitor (17. 7 cm) 1440 x 234 pixels, with remote control and support for gluing or screwing and antiglare visor,

REF. 402878, camera with two lenses independent adjustment: increases the field of view on the back and on the road. Equipped with LEDS for night vision. Weatherproof (IP67) chap. Viewer protection. Convenience: block automatic reverse pass. Compatible with screens of ref. 402880 and 402881.
Cons. 0.1 length to. Cable (for 2): 20 m

REF. 402 880, screen LCD TFT of 2 entries of matrix active of 17.5 inches in diagonal. Two inputs compatible NTSC / PAL. Compatible with the simple camera optics of investment (402.877) or the optical double (402.878). Delivered without a camera. Voltage: 12/24 V Max Conso 0.4. Sun (WxHxD):. 170 x 115 x 48 mm. With the help of screen

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