Antena television Omni hd 360º omnidireccional para autocaravana - 220695 - Eurotete
Antena television Omni hd 360º omnidireccional para autocaravana - 220695 - Eurotete

Antena television Omni 360º omnidirectional for motorhome

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Omni-directional antenna.
Mark Inovtech. OMNI. High range. It allows a reception on 360 ° without any adjustment.
Specifically designed for the reception of the TV HD incorporates LTE filter to avoid interference with the 4 G signals.
Easy installation. It allows to receive weaker signals, despite its small size.
It is suitable to install on roof or with support of 30 mm diameter tube


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The electronic amplifier for high sensitivity, as well as the special design of the antenna of only 16 cm height, allow optimum reception of the signals of TV/Radio.disenado especially for high definition television from different digital terrestrial signals (DVD-T, ISB-T, DMB-T/H, ATSC).
The antenna has a surface treated to withstand impacts from salt water and adverse weather conditions.
Integrated high gain amplifier and low noise, protected to a minimal interference.
Manufactured design of water resistant casing material ABS molded by injection, UV resistant and with a fantastic durability.
Omnidirectional antennas receive signals from VHF, UHF and FM from anywhere, regardless of the direction in which it travels.
The best solution for reception of digital terrestrial television for their boats, caravans and motorhomes. Technology microelectronics SMD makes the amplifier of high quality to guarantee excellent performance of the antenna.

Frequency range: VHF: 47-230 MHz
UHF: 470-790 MHz.
Receiving range: FM/VHF/UHF
Gain: 30 dB
Noise: 3dB filter LTE 4G
Dimensions (H x diameter): 16 x 30 cm
Power supply 12/24/220 V
Adjustable amplifier with two outputs (TV + Radio)

This product includes: antenna omni Omni 360 °, bottom base, the cable of the lighter, coaxial cable with F-connector 1 and 1 IEC connector, coaxial cable 5 meters and 2 F-connectors separated males.

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