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How to buy

Buying on the online website is very easy and simple.

1) Enter and register to fill out the form with your billing information and shipping location. (Hello, SIGN IN Your account) - NEW CUSTOMER.

2) If you do not want to register first, you can also do so after putting your products in the shopping cart and completing the form later.

3) When you have already created the account you will receive a welcome email and you will be able to access the USER PANEL.

4) You are already an Eurotete customer and you can place your first order! You can walk through our website and find what you were looking for, add it to the cart. Keep looking for more things we have all the NEWS of caravaning accessories both national and international. Let nothing escape you! Repeat the process and add as many things as you want to the cart is virtual and the material is in STOCK for immediate delivery in 24 or 72 hours depending on your choice.

5) When you press BUY-order you will see that you have to choose a shipping address, in case you have several, and billing. You also choose the shipping method and how you want to pay for the order, choose the one you like best and finish.

6) Is it done? No! At Eurotete we let you review the order before paying and on the next screen you will see a SUMMARY of your order, take a look at it if there is any erroneous information or you want to add something else. If you click on FINISH PURCHASE, you will be able to check out and you will receive an email with order information.

At Eurotete we prepare your order quickly and you will receive it very soon. Thanks for your purchase.


There are 3 forms of payment:

1) Payment by credit or debit CARD:
Have a valid and activated credit or debit card for online purchases. You must write down all the digits of the card number in the form corresponding to the payment transaction.
Eurotete uses a 100 X 100 secure system for its clients, since this application installed on our website is the most secure security technology available today. And security is very important to our clients. This means that the data of your debit or credit card are NOT registered in any database, and we do NOT keep any internal data of your card, but they are encrypted directly to the POS terminal server of the standard financial entity SSL (Secure Socked Layer) from Sabadell Altántic, which is a leader in online e-commerce.
100 x 100 confidential and secure is the website
And when you carry out the PAYMENT process, you will receive a PASSWORD on your phone and you must write it down to formalize the payment.
Only Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Payments are only accepted with secure cards that authenticate your identity as cardholder according to the method established by your bank, through secure electronic commerce ("Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode").
The order can NOT be taken into account and will not be processed until the payment has been authorized by your bank or cashier.

2) Payment by BANK TRANSFER or deposit account:
At the time of completing the order you will receive the bank account number to pay the order.
IMPORTANT- Indicate the assigned order number and the customer name.
The shipment of your order will not leave until the money from your bank transfer has been received in our account at la Caixa or Sabadell Atlantic.
If you want it to leave the same day, you must make the payment from the same entity of the Caixa or Sabadell Atlantic and before noon.
The transfer from another entity can take between 2 or 3 days and therefore your shipping package will come out later ...
If in 7 days we have NOT received your money in our account, it will be automatically canceled from our system.

Reliable and secure payment system but which pays a commission.
Once the purchase is complete, if you choose this form of payment, you will be redirected to the official PayPal website where you can make the payment.
Once the payment is made in Paypal your order will be finalized and an email will be sent with the summary of your purchase.
PayPal has its own privacy policies and Eurotete has no responsibility for them.