Gas-oven-for-camping-kitchen-home-van-camper-30-mbar-appliance-motorhome-caravan-nautical-Dometic-Midland-Reimo-1 Gas-oven-for-camping-kitchen-home-van-camper-30-mbar-appliance-motorhome-caravan-nautical-Dometic-Midland-Reimo-2 Gas-oven-for-camping-kitchen-home-van-camper-30-mbar-appliance-motorhome-caravan-nautical-Dometic-Midland-Reimo-3 Gas-oven-for-camping-kitchen-home-van-camper-30-mbar-appliance-motorhome-caravan-nautical-Dometic-Midland-Reimo-4

Gas cooker oven - camping or home 2 in 1 - portable

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Ideal for baking and cooking, easy to transport thanks to its low weight.
Butane (28-30 mbar).
Propane (37 mbar)
Gas 312 g / h
2 burners of power: 1,600 W each.
Power: 600 watts.
To be connected directly to the regulator using a flexible gas hose (not supplied).
Black enamelled steel grill.
Weight 15.8 kg.
Measurements according to manufacturer L 550 x l 313 X H 455 mm.
Approximate real measurements. Width 54-55 cm. Depth 35 cm. Height 46.5 cm
Note: keep in mind that from the bottom of 35 cm you must leave a space for your breath and heat. If we measure with the knobs and the oven handle it would be about 38 - 40 cm deep.

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