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Thetford C250 C260 toilet fresh-up

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C250 C260 Thetford

New cassette with wheels.

Cassette Tank Cleaner + plastic (full wc cover)

Change due to hygiene or wear with the years.

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To the buy a motorhome or caravan used is ones of them accessories more important that you must change from the home, also is changes by years of use or simply by comfort and fold the capacity of the deposit of waters black if are going to make a trip long and is likely of not find areas or possibly with difficulty of empty them waste.
This refreshing baths c250 Kit is highly recommended for motor homes and caravans.
Manufactured by Thetford.
Easily installed in the basement of the caravan or camper.
Installing this Kit the toilet of your motorhome or caravan will be clean as new and with a beautiful appearance. Models: C2, C3, C4, C200, C 250, C 400

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