Bornes de bateria tuerca mariposa M8 y M10 para vehiculo o autocaravana
Bornes de bateria tuerca mariposa M8 y M10 para vehiculo o autocaravana

M8 and M10 butterfly nut battery terminals

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Includes 2 units. The battery terminals are supplied with a M8 and M10 wing nut. Make a safe and strong connection with these nuts for your battery.
Safe and clean connections for battery of your vehicle, motorhome or camper van.


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Tip for your caravan or your camper:

Keep the terminals clean waste and if possible, cover them of fat driver since sulfuric acid vapors arrive to create a layer of sediment that erodes the material of the terminals. Likewise, keep it clean as possible the union between the clamps of the battery terminals and wires. A small value of resistance, due to the current flowing through them, causes a significant drop in voltage and may cause failures in the electronic systems of the caravan or for the camper.

The battery terminals should be cleaned of any remaining sulfate: this substance prevents good contact between the cables and the battery terminals.

A little grease on the terminals of the battery delays the formation of sulfate.
We recommend installing insulating terminals which will protect the battery terminals to avoid, for example, that a metal (such as a wrench or pliers) objects may accidentally cause a short-circuit.

On every electric cable taken directly from the battery, should provide protection by fuse adapted to the absorbed intensity.

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