AGM Batteries 100 Amps EZA 306 x 169 x 235 mm - 496178 - Eurotete
AGM Batteries 100 Amps EZA 306 x 169 x 235 mm - 496178 - Eurotete

AGM Batteries 100 Amps EZA 306 x 169 x 235 mm

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Product dimensions (L x W x H): 306 x 169 x 235 mm
Rated voltage: 13.5V
End of charge voltage: 13.8V
Vacuum self-discharge: < 1 to 3% / month
Recommended discharge rate: 80%
Parallel connection: max. 4 units
Series connection: max. 4 units
Allowed position/mounting: Standing/lying
Installation type: indoor
Life expectancy: 400 to 600 cycles
Delivered with: terminals + terminal covers + carrying handles
Warranty: 24 months
Actual capacity: 103 Ah
Maximum peak discharge current (3sec): 1000A
Maximum recommended charging current: 30A
Connector type: M6
Product dimensions(L x W x H): 306 x 169x 235mm
Weight: 26.5Kg

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Batteries with AGM technology can be loaded to a normal tension, as any other lead-acid battery is not necessary to return to calibrate the already installed systems or buy special for that type of technology magazines.
The technology AGM allows speeds of download up to a 100% of the capacity of the battery.
Usable in any position. It is an advantage to be able to install the battery in a position or another depending on the space of the cabinets of your caravan or camper.
Transportable safely.

Energy applications: 
-Plate robust for the cycle of life prolonged.
-Up to 99% recombination and absence of maintenance of electrolytes.
-Blade of glass absorbent (AGM) for an efficient of the gas.
-PC-grnerated grid of design optimized for the high
-Power density.
-Usable in any position
-Design of cells to cover the link to eliminate the leak.
-Long life useful. An operation without maintenance.
-Component with UL recognition

Batteries protected against pressure changes.
Designed to prevent the accumulation of gas inside the battery. 
Warranty 2 years.

 100Amp/h long 353 x high 190 x 175 mm wide

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Technology: AGM
Capacity: 100 A·h
Voltage at the end of charge: 13.8 V
Rated voltage: 13.5V
Vacuum self-discharge: < 1 to 3%/year
Recommended download speed: 80%
MaxE peak discharge current (3 s.) : 1000 A
Recommended MaxE charging current: 30 A
Discharge Operating Temperature: NC °C
Operating temperature under load: NC °C
Communication mode: NC
In parallel: MaxE 4 units
Series assembly: MaxE 4 units
Authorized position/mounting: Standing/lying
Installation type: Indoor
Lease: Plastic
Terminal type: M6
Circuit Breaker: No
Number of cycles: 400 to 600 Cycles
Net weight: 26.5kg
Supplied with: terminals + terminal covers + carrying handles
Certifications, approvals: CE, R10 environmental compatibility
Standard format is (l0-l1-l2-l3-l4-l5): NC
Warranty: 2 years