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BBQ Cadac Safari Chef 2 camping - portable grill 4 in 1 for motorhome camping

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Ideal for motorhomes, caravans or campers gas barbecue.
It offers up to 5 cooking different possibilities: 
Thanks to its different surfaces interchangeable may use it as Grill, griddle, Wok, Grill, sautéed fried and cooked. Folded is very small.
It includes a cover for transport and protection.

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It has interchangeable covers for greater versatility.
Game caps or 31 cm:
The enameled lid can be used as Wok or pot.
1 x lid that can be used by both sides. Aside wavy for roasting meat and fish, and other smooth to prepare crepes and fried eggs.
Get perfect steaks and grilled chicken on the grill with non-stick teflon-coated. Turn the grill and use the skillet to fry eggs and bacon.
1 x iron stick and reversible. Rack of the barbecue tray drip.
1 x lid top that is can used as a frying pan. Grid for placing pans or pots.

Features barbecue Safari Chef CADAC:
Suitable for tanks of butane and propane.
Measures open: 36.5 cm. high x 33.5 cm. width x 33.5 cm. depth. -Surface of cooking: 31 cm.-weight: 1.5 kg
Height of work 45 cms.
Folded height: only 28 cms.
Burner 0 - 2.4 KW.
Weight: 5 lbs.
The top is transformed into Wok.
Plate with stand + non-stick plate (on the one hand is smooth and rough).
Support fire.
Consumption: 195 g/h
Folding legs.
Very practical and comfortable.

NOT included and essential for installation: 

-1 x universal 30 mbar pressure regulator.
-Screw thread. -Gas hose

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