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Advance Floor 450 x 250 Floor Mat Gray and White Carpet for Camping

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NOTE - The gray carpet has abstract lines drawn in white in the middle of the camping ground.

Floor Mat with measures 450 x 250.
Closed occupies very little.
Midland brand.
Double-sided design: gray and white that can be used on both sides.
Lightweight and easy to fold.
Carpet with braided of small polypropylene tubes that allows air to pass through.
It's not heavy. Easy to wash
It can be cleaned with water and its drying is enough to leave it in the air. UV resistant.
Its edges are finished with a double stitching and are prepared that can be attached to the camping ground.
Includes storage bag.


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The most notable innovation is the model of this camping advance floor braided in small polypropylene tubes that allows air to pass through, so the mat is especially light and easy to transport.

The Advance Camping Floor-MAT 450 x 250 carpet or flooring folds up easily.

Easy to wash since it is enough to remove the existing society on the surface and rinse it with water. To dry it, it is enough to leave it in the air.

It does not harm the grass. The braided system of the tubes allows air to pass through without damaging the grass.

Double-sided design that allows it to be used on both sides.

UV protection.

The FLOOR MAT camping advance mat or floor is UV resistant and guarantees good color fastness as well as technical performance over time.

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