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Tienda ducha plegable camping

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Very easy to open and close. In the form of 8. Without sticks or pieces small of mounting. Ideal for campers to use as cabin of shower, dressing room or bathroom sink. Measures (125 x 125 x 190 cm). Ideal for dress is and desvertirse if is practice sports of surfing, climbing, mountaineering or to install in the campsite. Blue ropes with yellow fluorescent. Very practice since the mechanism Pop Up allows the installation in matter of seconds. 

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Square shape of 1.25 m x 1.25 m. Height 1.90 meters. Wide. 

It has zippers. On the back there is a window for ventilation. Has a small pocket with closure to keep documentation or other objects small. Accessories and store are stored in a storage bag. Dimensions reduced once folded in storage bag. Poliester.Buena quality.

Measures (125 x 125 x 190 cm)

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